Things I Did Last Week Sept 17-24

Things I did this Week

September 17-24

  • Flew to New York City for a few days
  • Attended Climate Week Events
  • Walked 13 miles/day in New York City.
  • Started Reading New Books
  • Flew to Omaha For the week.
  • Ran through a corn field.
  • Ate puppy chow

IndieWeb Carnival September 2023: My Kind of Weather

This post is in reponse to Jeremy Cherfas' IndieWeb Carnival September 2023: My Kind of Weather .

Thank you for hosting this month's carnival!

Snow Weather Thought #034

Growing up in the Midwest I used to complain about the snow. Now that I am far from it, I do realize it's my kind of weather.

Appreciating the things taken for granted

Growing up in the Midwestern region of the United States (or commonly known as the Midwest) I was so used to irritable weather. What I mean by irritable weather was facing, "four seasons in one week." You're probably thinking the following: "How is this possible?" It simply does! If you know, you know. Here are a few examples (No particular order)

One day it can be a nice spring day with all the flowers blooming being happy as can be.

The following day you could wake up to find out that there is a blizzard in effect.

A few days, it could be scorching hot and wondering how we got here?

The last few days of the week, it could be a beautiful, soothing fall day and you forget about the weather tragedies of earlier of the week.

As chaotic as it sounds, I do miss it. I do miss sometimes not knowing if I will melt one day or be trapped in my home for many days at a time. My favorite is knowing if my home would fly away in a tornado. As silly and boring the topic of weather is, it is also a bonding activity with people who live in this region. It's almost a pastime knowing we could just die at any minute.

If I were to pick a favorite season, it would be winter. Are you in shock? Even I don't believe it. I do miss dressing up all nice for the winter. Who doesn't like wearing cute winter outfits. If were going to suffer in the cold we might as well look our best!

I moved to California to live in a different place and subconsciously to escape the cold. In Northern California it is generally just hot here all the time. I do miss having season changes. Geography and location tends to influence the type of weather or climate one lives in.

You can take the person out of the midwest but you can't take the Midwestern out of the person.

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Visiting the BuzzFeed Office

Pablo in the Buzzfeed Office

Pablo at the Buzzfeed office.

One of my wishes came true!

I've been a huge fan of BuzzFeed for many years for as long as I can remember. I remember stumbling on BuzzFeed's home page in the late 2000s. I've taken many of their quizzes posted on the site. There are other things on the site beyond the quizzes. I was very fortunate this week to visit BuzzFeed/Complex's office this week. I was very fortunate to get a tour and check things out! Going there was a whole experience. I got to share this experience with people I know an love. You know that feeling you get when you're a little kid at the grocery store eagerly waiting to see if my parents would buy me any candy. That's what I was feeling. I'm pretty sure I cried a few tears of joy. The office had such a cool color scheme and it went well with everything around it. It seemed very organized. I got to see how the office works and what the type of mood exists. The space was a welcoming right when you walk into. I would say it is a pretty laid back office.It was everything I hoped and dreamed for. I was in heaven. I can't say too much more other than, one more thing checked off my, "places I wan't to see some day."

Album Listened - Sept 18

Let's Get Away From It All - Patti Page

Let's Get Away From It All
Patti Page
  • A1 Autumn In Rome 3:06
  • A2 - Let’s Get Away From It All 1:59
  • A3 - Under Paris Skies 2:36
  • A4 - Basin Street Blues 2:16
  • A5 - Just A Little Bit South Of North Carolina 1:44
  • B1 - Route 66 2:02
  • B2 - Mississippi Mud 1:37
  • B3 - South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way) 3:04
  • B4 - Way Down Yonder In New Orleans 1:30
  • B5 - The Whole World Is Singing My Song 1:35

Album Listened - Sept 17

Image without description

Olé ala Lee
Peggy Lee
  1. "Come Dance with Me" (Sammy Cahn, Jimmy Van Heusen) - 2:28
  2. "By Myself" (Howard Dietz, Arthur Schwartz) - 3:20
  3. "You're So Right for Me" (Jay Livingston, Ray Evans) - 1:47
  4. "Just Squeeze Me (But Please Don't Tease Me)" (Duke Ellington, Lee Gaines) - 1:54
  5. "Fantástico" (Jack Keller, Noel Sherman) - 2:05
  6. "Together (Wherever We Go)" (Jule Styne, Stephen Sondheim) - 1:46
  7. "Love and Marriage" (Cahn, Van Heusen) - 2:07
  8. "Non Dimenticar" (Shelley Dobbins, Michele Galdieri, Gino Redi) - 2:26
  9. "From Now On" (Cole Porter) - 1:55
  10. "You Stepped Out of a Dream" (Nacio Herb Brown, Gus Kahn) - 2:30
  11. "Olé" (Peggy Lee) - 2:26
  12. "I Can't Resist You" (Ned Meyer, Will Donaldson) - 2:10