Remembering Ryan White


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Ryan White in School ryan white portrait

Today, 30 years ago on April 8th, 1990 Ryan White passed away. Today, he would have been 48 years old. I have always been an advocate for people with HIV/AIDS. I learned about Ryan when I was in high school. Ryan White contracted HIV through contaminated blood transfusions for hemophilia. He was the poster child during a time that many people didn't know what HIV/AIDS was as a disease. He spoke out against all adversaries. Ryan was forced out of school many times. He did "The Fight to Go to School." So much ignorance occurred such as thinking it could be passed through casual contact. Ryan became a national spokesman. Many famous people such as Michael Jackson, befriended Ryan in a time that nobody wanted to be near him. Having people of high status led the way in showing that this disease is not transmitted just by shaking someone's hand, giving somebody a kiss or giving somebody a kiss. Ryan didn't stay quiet about his disease, he helped inform all of us that this disease can affect anyone, not just certain groups of people. This disease doesn't discriminate your gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. We all need to bond together to find a cure and stop the hatred. The Ryan White Act was created in 1990 to help people who have been diagnosed with this disease. Today the battle continues against HIV. We must remember those who fought to help educate us. RIP Ryan White


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