Day 1 – UNK World Leaders Camp


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Yesterday was a great first day. I checked in at UNK around 11am to put my stuff and away. Then I met my awesome roommate Collin. Him and i got to stick together. We are the only guys in the camp. Next we introduced ourselves to the ladies. They are some nice people. The laugh a lot. Like nonstop. Lol.

We went to go grab some lunch at the diner. The food was great. Im going to love this school. I like the ice cream the best .

Our first activity was about culture. We were asked about describing our culture. Its was quite the open question. It wws alson hard at the same time. It shocked me that many of the participants didn’t know where there culture was from or any inform about it. It was a learning experience for all of us.

Then we did another activity comparing different cultures in different countries or groups of people. it was interesting seeing the differences.

After all this we had dinner. Didn’t meat much. I had the option to go to the swimming pools or go do something else. So Colin and i decided to do manly things like excersise. The girls went to the pool instead. I ran a out two miles. While running, Colin worked on his football workout. He is going to be a kicker for the UNK football team. Which is pretty awesome.

I then after we played apples to apples. It was quite intense. Then it got crazy funny. The girls were just losing it with nonstop laughing. It was fun. Hey! We had pizza!

Overall I’m enjoying this camp. I’m making some great friends and being around people who have great interests as I do.


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