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Blogging for 10+ Years

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Blogging for 10+ Years

A Journey Through Time and the Web.

by Pablo Morales

Hooray! It's been 13 years since I wrote my first blog post to help me enter the world of blogging. I forgot to celebrate at the 10 year mark. Better late than never! I wrote a post a few months ago on Why I Blog? When I wrote that post, It didn't really click that I had actually written for so long. I wrote on and off so blogging wasn't continuous. So I can't say I wrote often during these 10+ years of blogging until more recently..

It's weird going back and try to make sense of who I was at any point in the blog timeline or what things I were considered important to to me. I was only a teenager when I started and now I am in my late 20s.

I've kept most of my blog posts and there are a few I've lost. Over time I have consolidated posts onto

Services I've Used:

  • Altervista (Wordpress)
  • SayNow (voice blogs)

What I'm Using Now

Blogging in 2023

I am really happy that I started to blog a lot more this year than I ever have. At the time of this post, the post will be number sixty-seven (67) I've written this year. post I feel this year I've learned to be more focused and to be more expressive. It has helped me socialize in ways I haven't done in so many years. I also hope that I can somehow improve someone's life by reading my posts and vice versa.

Documenting 2023 through blogging helps me solidify my thoughts. Also blogging helped me to particpate in the IndieWeb instead of being on the sidelines. It has helped me get over my fear of not worrying so much of what people think about me. I simply write and hope I impact at least one person with my post.


Some goals for writing is sharing about the things I love. I want to make more visual or auditory blog posts. These posts would be similar to what I was doing earlier. Continue growing my blogging community.

Some Visuals

During the early days of my site, I used Wordpress because it was easy to install and it was (still is) the defacto blogging platform. It was easy to pick a theme and just the site to exist along blog posts.

Memory Lane: WordPress

When I was using WordPress, my site went through many iterations on how it appeared. It started out simple to more complex thems. Image without description

Image without description This was when I was both an education and nursing major.

Image without description This layout I liked because it had links to posts in blocks. I also showed off my travels.

Image without description More adventures.

My Current Site: Datenstrom

Image without description

I am using Datenstrom Yellow as the current flat-file content management system to host my site and blog. I like to keep my site minimal and being able to adjust it very easily. It's been my CMS for many years after I ditched WordPress.


I'm happy it's been since 2010 since I started blogging and I didn't completely stop blogging, I only took pauses.

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Audio: Enjoying La Plaza - Weekly Farmer's Market

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I'm trying audio blog posts. Enjoy!

Transcript I'm currently in rural Oaxaca in a small village. I'm currently at the weekly farmers market located in "La Plaza" or the town square. Every week there is so many good foods, fresh foods from many vendors.

Why I Blog?

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I'll keep this brief and just get my ideas on here.

I started blogging back in 2010. What I mean by that I would post every few years until 2014. Even then, I would sporadically post. Then I shutdown my blog. The next few years I would bring it back and post, then stop again. Those years were very tumultuous. Lot's happened through out the years when I did post.

I posted about the excitement of going to university, my travels domestically or internationally, or basic thoughts on something. Looking back at them, my writing was not good. When I wrote them, my main goal was to get my ideas out there, even if the grammar was horrendous. I'm still a work in progress. I guess I learned and still learning from this.

Why am I back?

I blog because I want to share my thoughts, which seems pretty obvious. The real reason I write is to find the person I've always wanted to become. For many years, I lost control of who I was. All that ambition, all those goals were pushed back. Truly, I want to learn how I can become more expressive with myself. I want to reconnect with myself. Blogging is only one piece of putting me back together.

I know I will make mistakes. I know I will push my limits. I just want to express myself. I will also proceed with caution.

Why I blog?

Share my interests:

Technology - I love technology. I've been using a computer since I was a young kid. My first memory of a computer was walking into the school computer lab with colorful iMac G3s. I was in love it at that moment. I write tutorials on how to do this and that. I want to share my knowledge

I like helping others - I've read many blogs that helped me through different phases of my life. I hope to do the same. If I at least help one person, I am happy.

Find communities of people - I am happy to have joined the IndieWeb and different communities.

See my own growth - This is important. I want to see how I become as a person while I age. I have so many questions for my future self. My future self will write accordingly.

My own time capsule - I want to be able to see what I did from now to when I get older. It will be amazing to see how things changed in the world. I want to share with my loved ones my blog and to have them remember me.

Day 1 – UNK World Leaders Camp

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Yesterday was a great first day. I checked in at UNK around 11am to put my stuff and away. Then I met my awesome roommate Collin. Him and i got to stick together. We are the only guys in the camp. Next we introduced ourselves to the ladies. They are some nice people. The laugh a lot. Like nonstop. Lol.

We went to go grab some lunch at the diner. The food was great. Im going to love this school. I like the ice cream the best .

Our first activity was about culture. We were asked about describing our culture. Its was quite the open question. It wws alson hard at the same time. It shocked me that many of the participants didn’t know where there culture was from or any inform about it. It was a learning experience for all of us.

Then we did another activity comparing different cultures in different countries or groups of people. it was interesting seeing the differences.

After all this we had dinner. Didn’t meat much. I had the option to go to the swimming pools or go do something else. So Colin and i decided to do manly things like excersise. The girls went to the pool instead. I ran a out two miles. While running, Colin worked on his football workout. He is going to be a kicker for the UNK football team. Which is pretty awesome.

I then after we played apples to apples. It was quite intense. Then it got crazy funny. The girls were just losing it with nonstop laughing. It was fun. Hey! We had pizza!

Overall I’m enjoying this camp. I’m making some great friends and being around people who have great interests as I do.

I'm Back

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I’ve been keeping busy with school and work (McD’s) :/ I have less than a month until I get to go to France. Its going to be great. Le vie Francais! I will post more pictures when the time comes. School is going good. Student Council this year is going great!Image