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Important Topics to Come

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As I get comfortable with writing more, I'd like to write about some topics that are not so much in the public eye or ones that "We should really try to make it better." These are topics I've been very passionate about.

These two topics are HIV and Public Transportation. I've been wanting to write more about these two for a long time.

Many of us are aware of HIV and the epidemic during 1980s and 1990s. The topic of HIV can be sensitive topic for many for various reasons. HIV is still here with us. Science has found ways to curtail HIV infections and keep people alive but it's not elimated. I feel it's important to talk about still.

Many of us didn't grow up with public transportion. The United States is a car centric country to get around from one place to another. The only way to suceed in United States is to depend on having a car for opportunities. It shouldn't be that way.

For HIV I'd like to cover:

  • AIDS Epidemic
  • Resources for People with HIV
  • How I got educated on HIV
  • Volunteering/Helping those with HIV

For Public Transportation I'd like to cover:

  • Access in Rural Areas
  • Comparisons between the United States and the World
  • How Disentregation and Destruction of Public Transporation isolated the United States

Train Rides & Trader Joe's

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picture of inside of train

Ever since I was a kid I was always facinated with public transporation. I remember watching television and videos on the internet of people getting on public transportation. I always wondered why it isn't common to have it everywhere. I've lived in various parts around the world where it is simply normal to have various methods of public transportation. Having lived in Mexico for short periods of times, I did ride buses to get to the city because it was the most economical way. One slight issue living in the United States, I didn't grow up in an area where public transportion was none existent. I grew up in Nebraska. You needed a car to get around. It was also weird to be walking around. I found that idea to be weird.

The world has been surpassing the United States for decades. It's getting more obvious every day.

Since I moved the California, I've taken the Amtrak Train thirty-five (35) times since 2021. It's an easy trip to do between Sacramento and San Francisco or even to other cities in California.

Times I've Taken the Train
Year Progress
2021 - 7 Times
2022 - 9 Times
2023 - 17 Times

The last time I did even remotely close to this was when I was living in France. I still have all the tickets to show.

Reasons I Take The Train:

  • Environment - A lot more people can move around all at one time and it elimates so many cars off the roads. It helps reduce emissions.
  • Convenience - There is enough trains throught out the day, that you can just book your ticket minutes before it heads out.
  • Avoiding traffic - Driving isn't fun when you're surrounded by cars waiting for the line to move. It's nice not having to wait around in traffic when the train is simply going on its way on the the tracks.
  • Not paying for parking - Parking in cities such as San Francisco is so expensive or you have to move your car for city services. It seems so much of a hastle to be worrying about your car in a place where you can walk.
  • Not worrying about my car in a big city. - With so many car break-ins happening throughout cities in the United States, I can breath a sigh of relief knowing I don't have to worry about my car left alone or pondering if I did my best to get everything out of sight.
  • I can get work done on the train. - I'm always working on my computer and I can get so much done weather it's for work or for personal endeavors.

I also enjoy getting groceries at Trader Joe's before I get on the train especially if I'm going to get back to Sacramento late. It's nice to be able to get groceries for the week and take them with me on the train. It's a small little habit or tradition. I also save money by buying snacks ahead of time and not having to spend extra on snacks on the train.

I hope my friend Sammy can come out to California for a fun train ride from Sacramento to San Francisco. I know he'd love it. Heck even one of these days, I'd love to catch the train that runs (Amtrak California Zephyr) through our hometowns in Nebraska and ride up to Sacramento. Hopefully soon!

The Metro Experience with a Jingle

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The Metro Experience with a Jingle This is part of a three or four part blog series. These posts will be interactive on my website ( . I am in the process of rebuilding my website so stayed tuned.

My name is Pablo Morales. I used to teach within Omaha Public Schools but now I teach in Sacramento, CA. I still teach French & Spanish to middle schoolers.

I have always been a fan of public transportation! Within the United States, commuting to work seems painfully dreadful. We are a nation dominated by cars and bad policies. Our public transportation infrastructure is not good for a very “developed” country. Our roads are suffering, and everything else in-between isn’t pleasant either. This isn't the case in South Korea. I'm only a week or so in since arriving in South Korea. I am absolutely M-I-N-D blown on what I am seeing and hearing.. My brain can't handle this!

Commuting in Seoul, Korea is not about trying to catch your bus or train, you are there for the experience of being in a station. You're probably wondering, "Pablo, Isn't the topic over public transportation….you know boring?" I say, "Absolutely Not!" I've been to multiple cities who don't even come close to the Korean experience of public transportation. My favorite part about using the Seoul Metro System is that you get to hear all the cute and relaxing rings and jingles offered at all metro stations and some bus stations.

Commuting is hard on the body when traveling far. It's hot and humid out, or you're just simply tired. Those little jingles give you a glimmer of hope that you are getting closer to your final destination. You stay motivated instead of only hearing the usual "This train is departing." or departing. It brightens the mood. My two favorite jingles or sounds are: The Trumpet Link A steelpan Link Do you see what I mean? It definitely made me smile. Everyone seems so happy. I knew traveling within Seoul was going to be fun but who knew these little jingles are what make the experience of the metro in Seoul.

Here is a handpicked few of my favorite jingles. Not all are in circulation at the moment.



Being a minority in the US and still being a minority in South Korea.

Someone who speaks 3 different languages. Learning the Korean language is easy in some aspects and difficult in others. I teach French & Spanish. The one common thing between these two languages is the alphabet - romanized letters. The Korean Language is written in Hangul.

I was an ELL student. Even. I now understand what it is like to be in my student’s mind.